Sympathy Sayings

Sympathy sayings from the heart that stand out and make it a breeze to express your sayings for sympathy.

There are times in life that are not easy for anyone. Losing a loved one is hard to deal with no matter what stage of life you are in. This site is dedicated to helping people reach out to a loved one or acquaintance at a very uncomfortable time and show them support.

What do you say? How do you express your condolences? Are you bothering them? I am hoping this website will help you answer some of these questions and feel the confidence you need to show that you care.

Feel free to clip and adjust each sympathy saying to match your style. Adding the deceased's name in your sympathy card is also a good idea.

• Losing a loved one turns life from a vibrant world full of color to black and white. The goal is to make it day by day and surround yourself with people who love you. I happen to love you and would be honored if you let me in during this difficult time in your life. I will be there to remind you of all the wonderful times you had with _________ (deceased) and also the challenging times you had together where in the long run you learned so much.

• I wish you strength above all. Keep following your path and I know you will overcome this loss. You have always been a survivor and a rock for your family, I know this will continue but when you do feel you need a shoulder to lean on I will be there.

• We feel unable to find words of comfort for your pain, but we wish to express our deep regret at the loss you just suffered.

• Dear friend, I want to show my feelings and support through this message. Unfortunately, not everything happens the way we imagined. Hope your heart finds a way to see the good that life still has to offer.

• Those we love never die, just depart before we do. Be strong.

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6) I want you to know that we are here to help you in whatever you need. May the light shine on your family during this dark time.

7) Loss often times happens during the happiest times of our lives. Not sure why God does this, but I hope you find joy in your beautiful new family and pass along all the love and wisdom your received from _____________ (deceased)

8) Not something we look forward to, but something we must learn to deal with. You are a champion and have always been. I know you will find the love and light to help you move forward during this time of loss.

9) Sympathy sayings seem so impersonal at times, so I am here to tell you that I love you and my heart is broken from what you are dealing with. I will continue to call you daily and make sure you are being bothered by a voice that loves you.

10) May your children give you hope that life will go on. I know the loss of    __________ (deceased) has been one of the biggest in your life and pray you will find peace in the days to come. 

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