Sympathy Etiquette

When expressing your sympathy sayings or sympathy message, Sympathy Etiquette is crucial! It is something so affective and important that I would not be doing you a disservice by not offering a few cliff notes.

When a friend, business associate or family member experiences a loss, do you find it uncomfortable to offer your sympathy? Do you worry that you will say or do the wrong thing and intrude into that persons grief? And in the end you end up not doing anything? 

Important steps to follow for Sympathy Etiquette.

1)The kindest thing you can do is to acknowledge what has happened and show you care. Ignoring the obvious is never helpful.

2)Sending a note of condolence or your sympathy message is very important. Your expressions of sorrow will mean so much and people will store in a safe place for a very long time as extending the memory.

3)When you visit the family, It is OK to mentioned the deceased's name. This doesn't make the people feel any worse. Always introduce yourself to every member of the family. Not just who you know. Always be prepared to to explain your relationship with the deceased.

4)Try to do whatever you can while visiting. You can take the trash out, wash the disheswalking the dog, etc. Every bit of help goes a long way. Allowing time for the family to grieve and the smallest gesture can be a tremendous amount of help.

5)People grieving love to hear stories about their loved one. Feel confidant that sharing a lovely story about the deceased will put a smile on their faces even though it is bitter sweet. Laughter and happy stories are very healing.

6)Attending the memorial service/funeral even though you don't know the deceased is not unusual. You are going to support your friend the survivor who is suffering.

7)It is very important to rearrange your schedule in order to attend the service. Your presence is very comforting to your friend or colleague.

8)Always listen, letting your friend talk about the deceased is very important. Even though their is nothing you can say that will make them feel better. Just be their to listen and support.

9)Send your sympathy message the old fashioned way. Pick up a phone. Come on- YOU CAN DO IT. Sympathy message via e-mail or Facebook if that's the way you have been communicating with your friend.

Emails do not give that warm and fuzzy feeling so going beyond that might be a good idea.

10) Once the service is over- keep in touch. Reaching out reminds your person that they do have a friend in you.

That's it for Sympathy Etiquette.

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