Child Condolences

These child condolences, child loss sympathy sayings are written for you to make reaching out to a friend doable at a time where there is no hope. The loss of a child is something I could never imagine. People live through their worst nightmare and they need our help to get through it.

Finding the perfect child condolences could be a challenge so I am doing my best to help.

What do you say to a friend or acquaintance dealing with the loss of a child to help them feel any better or give them an ounce of hope to get them through to the next minute, hour, day? 

The answer is "nothing". Nothing can make your friend feel better at a time of such a significant loss, but a card or message you send will let them know how much you care and love them.

I hope these child loss sympathy sayings will help you get the words out. You can't change what has happened but showing your sympathy does go a long way. It is the love and support of friends and family that help get us through the most difficult times in our lives.

I know from experience, my very sweet, very loved and talented nephew Mathew passed away at only 18 years old in December of 2007.  I have seen first hand what the loss of a child  has done to my brother in law Brian and his wife Vanessa. I commend them daily for the strength and courage they have had through this difficult time of losing a child.

Speaking from the heart is the best road you can take in expressing how truly sorry you are.

You can address the sympathy card to "Dear" and sign with "love, with our deepest sympathy,Child condolences are something we should never have to think about. Add "Our deepest sympathy" and "with much love". Pick whatever feels most natural to you.


Words can not express the sorrow and pain we feel for the loss of your _________(son/daughter) _____________ (name). 
With our deepest sympathy,_____________

Child condolences below:
*I imagine there is no pain more far-reaching and deeper than losing a child. My heart and prayers go out to you at this most difficult time.

*My words are not adequate to express the sorrow I feel for your loss. Your son was an inspiration to everyone around him. I am so blessed and lucky to have known his beauty, and I will keep his spirit alive with the many sacred memories I hold close to my heart.

*I feel as though I am the blessed one to have been graced by your son's big heart and his inviting personality. It is truly the mark of wonderful parents. Every bit of my heart goes out to you during this most difficult time. I will plan to bring you homemade dinner on _____________ night.

*We are truly sorry for your loss. Loss of a child is heartbreaking. Our heart aches for you and your family.__________ (deceased) was a wonderful child and we will miss him/her terribly.

*My condolences to you and your family. Life does not make sense and losing someone as young and loving as ___________ is tragic.We will miss ___________.

Are these child loss Sympathy Sayings making it easier to write that card? We hope so.

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*The bond you and ________ had can not be broken. Your loss of a child is felt by so many and He/she will always be in our heart. You will meet again. We are very sorry for your loss.

*I am still in shock about the loss of your ________. He/she was so special to our family. We will miss__________. Our heart goes out to you and your family during this tragic time.

e*I am so sorry for your loss. ____________ was so special and loving like you. Losing a child is a pain I could never imagine. So unbelievable you can never get over it with out believing God has a plan. I hope you are able to cross the threshold of beginning to heal your heart soon. Knowing _____ will never be forgotten.

*I am so sorry for your loss. I love you. Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. You have to believe that __________ was here for a reason and your connection could never be broken.

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