Sympathy Card Thank you Note

You made it and now your are writing a sympathy card thank you note. You received Condolence and sympathy messages that made you feel loved during a difficult loss. The fact that you are finding the energy to do this is amazing, so give yourself a break.

What can you say to your friends and family? Hopefully my thank you notes below will do the job.

The reality of losing someone you loved is that it's a lot harder if you don't have the support your heart yearns for when you are trying to process all the craziness that is happening in your life.

Writing a sympathy card thank you notes is part of the closure process. Expressing your love and appreciation to a special person in your life is a special bond that has been created and is being respected.

Please feel free to mix and match and create what sounds best to you

1) Thank you so much. Words can not express how much your flowers meant to my family meant to us at such a difficult time. They were my __________ (deceased's name) favorite and I love that your remembered that.

2) Your presence in my life during my heart ache can never be repaid to you. Your friendship has always meant the world to me! You are a special person with a big heart. Thank you so much.

3) The fact that you flew in to attend ______________ (deceased's name) funeral will never be forgotten. The fact that you made our family a priority and you wanted to pay respect to someone you grew up with is priceless. Thank you so much.

4) There comes a time in life that your friends support is extremely necessary. This was one of those times and you were there for me every second. Thank you my friend.

5) I was surprised when you walked in that door with your beautiful smile and your open arms. Honestly, one of the best hugs I have ever had in my life. So needed and so perfect. Thank you for always being there.

6) Thank you for your kind words and your beautiful flowers.

7) Your card was beautiful. Thank you for being there for me.

8) You were _____________ (deceased's name) favorite person. Thank you for your love and speaking at the service. You are one of a kind.

9) You said you would always be there for our family and you were. Thank you for that. I love you.

10) I don't remember much about this experience losing ___________ (deceased's name), but I do remember you being there for us. You made it easier on days where it felt impossible. Thank you for loving me.

I hope these were helpful. Just remember to speak from the heart and do the best you can. The fact that you are taking the time and energy to say Thank You after you experienced a loss is amazing.

So be kind to yourself and take care of your heart.

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