Sympathy Card Wording

Sympathy card wording that counts. Finding the perfect verse for sympathy cards can be a tough one. I hope the sympathy saying I have included below are exactly what you are looking for.

Words offer more comfort than you would think. We naturally pull away from loved ones who are grieving because we don' t want to bother them in a time of loss. The truth is, the only way we find the strength to move forward is through the support of the people in our lives.

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Sympathy Sayings: You can address your card with "Dear" and sign off "With deepest sympathy"

•Sending you positive thoughts through this difficult time. I want you to know how special your family is to us and we are here for you.

•At time like these it is best to lean on your faith and your friends. Whichever one is closer. Your __________ will be forever missed.

•Words can not express the heartache we feel for you and your family. We hope you allow the love around you to help ease your pain.

•The memories will last forever, but ___________ (deceased) spirit will sorely be missed. We are here for you whenever you want to reminisce about all the good times we shared together.
•Your amazing spirit continues to shine through this time of loss. Stay strong, love does conquer all.

•You are in our prayers. May your spirit focus on all the love around you during such a difficult time.

•Take it easy on yourself right now. Time is the only thing that will help your heart sing again.

•Give your heart and soul the patience you would give your new born child. Losing your ______________(deceased) is something that can only be healed by time.

•May the love and light that surrounds you, help you find peace during this time of loss

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