Messages for sympathy card

What are the perfect messages for sympathy card? Sympathy verses for card? Where do you start?

For one, you can start right here. Sympathy card wording is always tricky at a time of need. What you say does matter to that person in your life who is grieving a loss.

I hope you find the perfect verses for sympathy card below.

When writing your messages for sympathy card, you can begin by addressing with

"Dear" or "To my friend". You can also visit
Condolence phrases for ideas on closing sentiments.

•The world is dangerous. At every corner, separation and sadness await our crossing, sabotaging our happiness and stealing our hope. Knowing this, we risk living anyway, we risk loving anyway. And the pain and loss that comes is not given to us as a personal test, but simply as a consequence of being alive. I am truly sorry for your loss.

•You can choose to look into the world and see ________ (deceased) and the love they shared with the people in their lives.________ (deceased) was so much more on this planet and will live in our hearts forever.

•Some people are special enough to live forever. ________(deceased) is one of the lucky few. Their kind soul and giving spirit touched so many and will never beforgotten

•Death is something __________(deceased) seemed to embrace. I hope to one day have the courage your ___________ (ex. mom, dad, husband/wife) had towards the end of their life. I feel blessed to have know him/her for so long.

•It seems the good die young. There must be a reason all the good people are up their waiting for ___________ (deceased) with open arms. I know I am a better person for knowing them.

•Heaven is having a party right now. ____________ (deceased) always knew how to have a good time and drink up those ________ (martinis, vodkas, etc.) __________ (deceased) was a true giver who infused everyone around with love. This world will be a lonely place without him/her.

•They say it's who you know in life, and _________(deceased) definitely had god's direct mobile number. I know wherever they are right now, they are looking down at us with a big smile. It will be a challenge to live my life without him/her, but I will think of all the good times at moments of grief.

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