The Loss of a Hero!

by Christina
(Los Angeles)

On my first day of school, I made a friend that I would later call more of a sister. We did everything together from our early years to our teenage years.

When you are that close to someone, their family becomes your family. They treat you like a child. Her mother and father were soo great with us!

On August 20, 2004, my friend's father, the Captain woke up for work as a firefighter as he normally did. I remember when I would sleep over and we would say goodbye to him as if it were nothing. This was his 20 year anniversary for receiving The Hero Award for going back into a collapsing building to save someone.

When reaching the point that you become a Captain, you think that you most likely safe from going into fires but this day was different. John had to go back in and save one of his guys who got their belt stuck but unfortunately, both of them lost their lives that day.

Seeing someone so close to you lose their life and watching what happens after is a rude awakening. My best friend will not have her dad to walk her down the isle at her wedding or to meet his first grandchild. Don't ever take your parents or loved ones for granted. They will NOT always be there when you need them. I learned a lot from this experience and hopefully can relay the message to you.

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