My mum the beautiful angel

by Sharlene
(Gauteng,South Africa)

I just lost my mum, just over two weeks now and it feels so hard to cope without her.She was everything to me. I saw her everyday of my life and I will never be able to forget the 17 august when my life was shattered by her sudden death. She was such a wonderful person who dedicated her life to me and the rest of my siblings she helped me with my sons and just had nothing bad to say about anyone. She comforted me through some of my very hard times and always lifted my spirits she was glue that held our family together , we have such beautiful memories but it still feels so hard go on without her. Just before she passed away she said "when I die will still be watching over all of you" that is why she is my mum the beautiful angel cause I know she will always be watching over me. I am trying to understand do people ever know that they are going to to die because some of the things she said lately were like she knew she was going to leave us. I am trying for the sake of my lovely children and most wonderful husband whom my mum adored to come to terms with her death but it is so painful

I will always love her and will think of her everyday of my life, i will carry her in my heart wherever I go

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Jun 15, 2011
by: Elisabeth COnstantine

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