my little angel

by Tina

i lost my little angel at 3months during my pregnancy, me and my partner were so excited going for our first scan to see our special baby bouncing around, but we didn't get to see or feel that excitement for long our little angel did not make it, heartbroken we were left, we got our scan photo and that's it, the pain will never go away, supporting each other is how we got threw the days, i think bout her all the time and wonder what she would of looked liked what weight what color of hair and eyes, i love her so much and miss her, she will stay in our hearts 4ever and never leave us, now she is in heaven looking down on her mummy and daddy, when we meet it will b a day of happiness and laughter. to all the angels above u r all loved so very much, my little angel u r in my heart and in my heart u will stay, love u 4ever mummy xxxxxxxx

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