My gramz; mom and my best friend

by Emily Smith

The week after Christmas i bugged my gramz about going to the hospital cause her stomach was so expanded and hard as a rock. She didn't want to go, i told her its not normal and she could die if she didn't take care of it. I called the Public Health nurses to go out and look at her and they made her go to the hospital. They admitted her and did some test. They found out that she had ovarian cancer in the 3rd or 4th stage. this was very hard news and hit me very bad. I new the term cancer was a bad thing and I new that it was going to change our lives forever. My grandma was upset but then she accepted it and said that she lived a long life and if it was her time then it was her time. They told her that chemo would prolong her life, but never heal her. She said that she would try it if it could prolong her life, but she was so scared of it. I was by her side ever since she was diagnosed. It was always me, my aunt and my cousin. We took care of her, took turns staying with her and tending to her. Our lives revolved around her. The week she got sick, throwing up and just not feeling good. I took her to three appointments that week and they admitted her. I was not going to leave her side. I took clothes to the hospital and stayed there. I left for a few hours the first two days then i said i am not leaving her side until she is gone. I didn't and i am happy that i took time from my busy life to be with her. She told the nurse thank you for being here with her, she has been with me the whole time...the nurse asked who, and she said emily lu. She knew that i was with her and it made me cry tears of joy that i could make her happy. She said the our father with us after her last rights were given to her then she looked at me and my cousin and said that she was ready to travel home, she said it twice. I knew that it was not going to be long. I slept by her on her bed like i used to and the next morning she was called home. It is so hard coping with this loss. She has always been there for me. I lost my mom at a young age. My gramz raised me and helped me with everything. Now I sit around my house and she is always on my mind. I am no longer scared to die, I can't wait to see her again.

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