lonely &

by e.d. jewelz
(Wilmington )

Almost a year ago on July 13,2011 my daughters biological father passed away, we had a great relationship.

Even though we sepereated at times & he had other girlfriends & I had other boyfriends we always still talked to each other. We still gave each other butterflies after 10 years met him when was 16/17 ill be 27 in August. We had a lot of UPS & downs but through everything even his Heroin addiction I tried to stay by him. He always would make me laugh the only one I felt complete comfort like all I needed was him & my daughter he actually got off heroin & was on 30 mil. Oxycodone & zanex and that's what killed him at age of 30.

He just turned 30 in June 18... He was starting to get to know our daughter & she loved him but someone else was around in her life since she was 2 I've been with him for while cause my daughter is 6 now. But I've been very depressed and I don't know what to do I know that I'm going to freak out on his one year anniversary I truly feel like ill never love anyone like the connection me & him had I just wish that we worked out lot stuff different but he was at peace he was dealing with an addiction & when he was himself was best person ever. I miss him thank god my daughter makes me smile all the time. I love her and she looks just like him I'm glad I have a piece of him with me ill always love him til I die. He was my soul mate I know one day I will see him again I just wish he didn't pass away from pills. It's hard to lose someone with such a habit I felt like I was at fault but I'm not. His doctor & I can't believe the medicine they had him on killed him the two meds mixed together is deadly combination which destroyed my heart. When I got news he was dead... So much he didn't get to see from his daughter & vice versa but I know that he's at peace now and not fighting an addiction. I sometimes wish I was there I don't think he would have died but I can keep saying that but what's done is done & he's Gone but not Forgotten i will always love him & cherish every moment with my daughter like its last because you never know if tomorrow is promised.

R.i.P. Ron k.Jones *~*<3*~*

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