in memory of my grandpa stansbery who died on june 9 2010

by jenny stansbery
(upper sandusky)

well it will be four years now next month since my grandpa stansbery has been with or lord. i do miss him so very much and i think of him all the time. i miss talking on phone with him and exspecial saying happy birthday on feb 5 every year my grandpa and i still could shared the same every day but i know he been looking down and watching over us thu all the years he been gone.he was a very lovely man and very well loved person he wasalso best of all good at playing golf and going grandpa is the ihe greast man anyone will every know and still could know people in heaven are rejoying over him grandpa i miss love you dearly and ithink of all the good times we have had has you go on your journey in heaven and look and watch over us.

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