In memory of my dad

by Heidi

I am a 14 year old girl that has gone through the ups and downs. Typical teenager, I've tried living life to the fullest but knowing that you don't have both parents their to support me, watch me play my fort high school sport & everything just aches. I am truly blessed with my mom, but sometimes we don't get along which hurts me because you never know when her time is. Something could happen instantly, so I try to be happy that I have we at least. I lost my father 10 years ago when I was 4. I had only one memory with him that I can remember. & that was fishing with him on fathers day, 2 weeks before his passing. I remember I caught a huge fish& I know that he was very proud of me cause his littlest one caught a fish before anyone else. We were so happy. I also remember a lot of fighting. My mom & dad fought a lot. But they were happy the next day. The best thing I remember of my dad was the night he passed away. I remember it from the moment he walked into the door , I ran out of my parents room ( cause I liked sleeping with them) and I gave him a hug & a kiss a long with my sister. My mom told me to go back to bed , so I ran back to the room. About 10 minutes later my dad came into the room & told me to get out. I refused & told him "NO. My mom said I could sleep in here." then he didn't say anything. He sat at the end of the bed for about five more minutes & in that five minutes he asked me to scream "Jackie" my moms name. I also refused to yell that cause I can only say "mom" so he screamed it himself and that was the end. He screamed fell and hit the vent, I was four so of course I didn't really know what was going on , but my mom ran into the room told me to get out. I remember walking over him with a PURPLE face. That's all I can remember , but of this year. It's been a rough time. Last Christmas was my 10th Christmas without him. So I wanna thank you for letting me share with you. & Daddy, I love you. <3

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Jan 13, 2012
I lost my dad in 99 & mom in 2010 NEW
by: Louann Mckethan

I too want to tell you that I cannot imagine losin my dad at such a young age :( I was 29 when I lost dad & 40 when I lost my mom. It's hard no matter what age. I will tell u speaking from a mom & daughters perspective that u & ur mom will have times when u don't see eye to eye, & times when u just down right get upset & angry, but the COOLEST thing about a mom & dad is NO MATTER what u do or say, that can NEVER break the bond u have with them, they will ALWAYS love you no matter what :'-) I put my mom through so much but she loved me in ways I never understood until I became a mom myself. I will always be truely grateful for such an amazing mom & dad, they are sent from heaven above. So u keep ur chin up, that's what my daddy always told me, & if u have a stepdad, don't think that just because he's not ur real father that he can't love u, cuz God gave me a stepdad at the age of 5, and I love that man to this day! He has been a gift from above on more than one occasion! Just love ur mom & try to realize that she is on ur side & she only wants what's best for u, so try REALLY hard to listen to her advice cuz she's only trying to keep u from getti getting hurt :) thank u for being brave enough to share ur story & u keep on living life to the fullest & loving urself & ur mom :)

Jan 07, 2012
Your dad NEW
by: Anonymous


Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine how hard it was for you to process all of this at the young age of 4.

Parents argue, but it doesn't mean they don't love each other. Stuff comes up and parents are people too and don't always deal with it in an adult way.

You sound like you were a great daughter to your dad. Kids also fight with their parents but it doesn't mean your mom doesn't love you to pieces. You are bonded forever, and as a parent I know I live for my kids and their happiness. I am sure your mom feels the same way. Stress make us get up set easily. You just keep focusing on the good stuff you had with your family and focus on your heart healing.

I wish you the best..keep your head up...:)

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