In ever loving memory of our mum and my dads wife

by Tracey Gurnett
(Rochester,Kent, England)

We this wonderful lady in april 1990, she was 52years old. Our mum and dads life should have just been starting as both me and my sister were grown up. Lifes so unfair. We buried our mum in a cemetry with our nan and her eldest brother. For living outside the area another relative had to sign for the deeds for mums grave.
In april 2013 my sister went to tend the grave of mum and nans only to find that our mums had been disturbed and the stone moved. We found out that his relative had lost her mother and had the wrong grave dug up by gross error - and not bothered to let us know and that happeded in January 2013. So we were grossly crapped on by family members? We have now asked for the Deeds to be signed over, as our dad paid for the grave and stone, this if for himself also. But sadly she has shown no heart as yet.
The worrying thing is our dad is 80yrs old soon, he is precious to us, time is precious to him. Do you think she will open the grave for him?
It is worrying me sick, i feel shattered to think my mum has been disturbed after 23yrs. I has shared so much with her at the grave, left my wedding bouqoute, i have taken my 2 babies down to show her (it may sound silly). This women has distroyed what we had of our mums honour and I feel powerless to do anything.
I just hope and pray our mums still at peace. I love and miss her still so much.


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