For my niece Ashley

"Only The Good Lord Knows Why"

I never imagined Id have to say goodbye,

Even though I will see your face again,

Only the good lord above knows why,

You were chosen to leave us today ...

I shall cherish the memories we shared,

And your pictures hang on my walls,

I know as my angel you will be there,

and guide me when I begin to fall ...

My heart is broken into many pieces,

I feel the total emptiness inside,

Everything happens for a reason,

And only the good lord only knows why ...

One day we will all meet again in heaven,

When its our day to be called home,

Until then I will cherish you forever,

and try to once again become whole ....

Rip Princess 01/20/1989 - 06/02/2012

With all my love, Love Aunt Shari

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