by mzimba sibusisiwe
(cape town)

I am writing this on the 5 May 2011,every year when it is May I kinda lose my mind.It is not like I do that deliberately but I can tell you it always happens.On 23rd May 2003 I lost my brother whom I love dearly.Everyday it feels like its yesterday.I do not know what to say but the only thing I know is that I am hurting.Then while I was still hurting thinking about my brother I lost my child on 10thDecember 2008.I do not know why is this happening to me.It is hard to lose someone you ever cared about especially your from your flesh and blood.Then again on 11May2010 I lost ma little brother.I always thought people are crazy for loosing or acting like they are crazy when they lost their loved ones but believe me I understand perfectly their feeling.But I want to thank my friends for being there for me in everything i went through.One of my friend told me to move on but I find that difficult...I am trying you know but it is not working for me.It is so bad,hurting,difficult to lose someone so special and so close to you.I sometimes blamed God and say "why did He let the devil take away my loved ones",but then again am from a house of God I understand now that everything happens through God's will even though it is like that it does not stop me from thinking about them everyday.Sometimes when I am looking @ their pictures tears always fall down my chicks every time I look their pictures.I am not wishing anyone to go through what I experienced.......I am writing this down course I do not have anyone to talk to.This is my family before I found it my book was my family.....but everything happens for a reason.

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